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Glitter face art Festival glitter

With our  

glitter artist event services

&  Ecoglitters products,

We have a mission . . . . . . .

to bring people together through EcoGlitter fun, whilst making a difference to the environment


Tonnes of regular glitter ends up as plastic waste on our land, and in our oceans. This causes harm to the environment, aquatic life and affects the food chain!


EcoGlitters sell, and glitter people at events with, 100% biodegradable earth safe glitter (made from plant cellulose).  At EcoGlitters HQ our eco-friendly sparkly team plan how best to sprinkle our EcoGlitters, connect with others, and make a difference to/spread awareness of environmental issues.


We also lovingly prepare personal pots and wholesale EcoGlitters for party goers, organisations and anyone who wants to sparkle sustainably! 


Carpe the sparkle out of this diem

Add extra sparkle to your event with the magic of EcoGlitters!

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Glitter Disco ball

Festival Event Services; Choose our creative and experienced EcoGlitters team.

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Eco Glitter Biodegradable Glitter Pots

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about our range.

Buy our biodegradable Vegan friendly glitter!


"We love EcoGlitters' artists and products! You added sparkle to our charity event and even helped us raise further donations for charity. You are perfectly professional and creative! Thank you EcoGlitters"



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