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Plastic waste has been a recent prominent topic in the media. Unfortunately regular glitter is made up of non-biodegradable material such as copolymer plastic, and there are already almost 8 million tonnes of plastics ending up polluting our oceans every day. 


The size of microplastics, which glitter is classed as, means that they can be easily consumed by small marine organisms and the build up of toxins from these microplastics in their bodies can be so harmful to sea life, passed on to the young and up through the food chain.


Our country's beloved David Attenborough highlighted some of these problems in the recent popular BBC series 'Blue Planet 2'. However, he also pointed out that it is not too late for us to do something about it...


We can spread awareness and take action on such issues! We can sparkle and have fun without harming our beautiful planet! And You too, can be the face of change and shine sustainably!  

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