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Biodegradable glitter | For face, body, hair or for craft use


Our Set of EcoGlitters EcoSystems. This set includes 5x  5ml of Glitter in each pot, including our EcoSystem blends;  Mermaid Ocean, Cute Coral Reef, Tropical Rainforest, Golden Desert & Ice queenTundra.


*WARNING* each pot contains fun, excitement and joy!

EcoGlitters EcoSystems!

SKU: 364215375135191
  • 100% Biodegradable Vegan Fiendly Earth Safe Sparkles


    Each pot has 5ml of EcoGlitter (approx 3-5g depending on particle size)


    Please note pot sizes are 10ml to allow space for dipping in a cosmetic brush and helps minimise glitter spillage. 


    Glitter can be applied to the body using a cosmetic brush to pat glitter onto a variety of adheasives including but not limited to, Vasaline, Aloe Vera, or types of cosmetic glues (not supplied). The glitter can be removed using regular soap and water, or make up remover. 


    Please note colours shades may vary slightly to the naked eye. All attempts have been made to photograph glitter as it appears naturally. 


    You can find more information about our EcoGlitter here

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